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Freebirth of Beatrice in Covid times

Beatrice has decided to #freebirth her baby during COVID as her local trust has suspended home birth services. Beatrice called me at 40 weeks and said, look Michaela, I will birth this baby on my own, I would like you to support me.

Michaela was my birth doula and she was amazing. I needed to have a c-section and thought that doulas would only work with you if you had a natural birth - until I met Michaela. She was key in helping me prepare emotionally and psychologically for that moment, she was kind and understanding, extremely knowledgeable about the process and the options that you have as an expecting mother and she helped me understand step by step the procedure that I was going to go through. This meant that when I came to the operation room I was free of fears, I could focus and relax, I was able to express my birth wishes and I was the best version I could be at that point in time to receive my baby. I’ll always be thankful because not only did I have a good and empowered experience, my son’s birth is a memory I’ll keep dear in my heart. I feel that having a doula for a cesárean is as important if not more important than for a natural birth. Because the mother is going through a fully medical process it’s easy to have fears and to feel that you have no options and that everything is a decision of the doctor. This is only to an extent, there are so many ways of having a cesárean and more than the actual physical process, your emotional and psychological state are key to have a good birth. This is transmitted to everything - your baby and the environment where you are. It’s easy to feel that because you are having a cesárean you don’t have to prepare but in my experience it was completely the contrary. Lots of love Michaela and thank you always!


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